What is Islam?

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Islam is the last and complete divine faith. A follower of Islam is called Muslim.

Islam is the last and complete divine faith. A follower of Islam is called Muslim. There are now more than billion Muslims in the world. According to Islam, the prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah was the last prophet sent by God for guiding men. As the last heavenly scripture and through his archangel Gabriel the trustee, God revealed the holy Qur’an to him.

From Islamic point of view, all divine prophets namely, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Elias, Moses, David, Solomon, Zachariah, John and Jesus (‘a) were grand and infallibles who struggled a lot to invite people for faith; they called on people for monotheism, justice, love, brotherhood, equality, chastity, away from abomination, good morals, worship and belief in the resurrection; they fought with tyrants and many of them were martyred in this path.

The Prophet Muhammad (s) is the last one of these prophets who repeated their call and completed it. Islam is based on monotheism; the most important of its principles is wilayah (divine guardianship) and its sweetest fruit is moral characteristics. According to Islam, God has designated immaculate Imams who have assumed wilayah (divine guardianship) and guiding people after the passing of the Prophet Muhammad bin Abdillah (s).

The first of these Imams is Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (‘a) and the last one is Imam al-Mahdi the promised. According to Qur’anic verses and Islamic doctrine, Jesus Christ was not crucified; rather he was ascended to heavens. He will come back to people at apocalypse. He will help al-Mahdi to establish the world just government.

From Islamic point of view, man is everlasting and death is not his last stop, rather there is another world after annihilation of this world in which the pious will enter paradise and retain the reward of their deeds, whilst wrong doers will enter hell and gain their punishment.

Believing by heart and confessing by tongue on shahadatayn (witnessing to the unity of God and prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad) man becomes Muslim and all Islamic divine laws are applied to him.


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