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Caleb Maupin lauds Ayatollah Khamenei for expressing confidence in western youths in their study of Islam.

Caleb Maupin lauds Ayatollah Khamenei for expressing confidence in western youths in their study of Islam.

An American journalist and political analyst has described a recently-issued statement by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to the western youths as thoughtful.

Caleb Maupin also told that the statement was landmark in that it expressed confidence in the western young people and pointed them to an independent way of thinking over Islam.

The US journalist was speaking about a message issued in late January, urging the young westerners to acquire an unbiased, independent learning of Islam irrespective of the growing Islamophobic propaganda in their own countries.

Maupin said the statement was “a very thoughtful attempt to point young people in the United States and Europe toward thinking independently.”

“It was carefully written letter, urging young people not to simply accept what is being said about Islam in the media, but to do their own investigation,” he added in an email interview.

Asked about the effect of the message in public diplomacy, the political analyst said the statement “has the potential to awaken a real desire for knowledge and understanding within millions of young people.”

“It was written in a careful, thoughtful way. It is not a bombastic letter, presenting a viewpoint and urging us to embrace it,” he added.

Maupin lauded the leader for “expressing confidence in us, and urging us to consider history, and learn reality for ourselves.”

Asked about the western media’s coverage of the statement, Maupin noted that analysts in western media did not know what to make of this letter.

“They were perplexed by it, because it does not fit their standard portrayal of Iran. Western media portrays Iran has a harsh, totalitarian state. A letter like this one, urging young people to investigate and question what is being told to them, runs counter to this narrative,” he wrote.

“Some media has been dismissive and flippant regarding the letter, but this is their standard response to any issue related to Iran. Other media has highlighted the letter, realizing that it points toward realities they do not wish to acknowledge,” Maupin, who joined the Occupy Wall Street movement from its planning stages, added.

Maupin however believed that it was hard at present to judge the impact of the letter “but as events unfold in the Middle East, it will become more obvious.”


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