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The messages in the Qur'an are multitude, highly interrelated and "full of live reiteration".

The messages in the Qur'an are multitude, highly interrelated and "full of live reiteration". There are many issues mentioned in the Qur'an such as Unity of God, inviting to think about God, inviting to faith, prohibiting and rejecting polytheism, blasphemy, Satan and idol-worshipping, mentioning parts of the stories of prophets (s) from Adam (s) to Muhammad (s), and parts of the life and ordinary questions of Arabs contemporary with the Prophet (s) including Ahilla Qamar or even issues such as menstruation, advising about the passing and the frivolous nature of life and its elements such as wealth (or prohibiting accumulating wealth) and its beauties such as having sons and boasting on having gardens.

The Qur'an also mentions points about revelation, the revelation and interpretation of the Qur'an, jurisprudential rulings about issues such as sharing the heritage, lashing adulterers, cutting the a thief' hand and different analyses, prohibitions and ethical rulings such as helping the poor, feeding the hungry, greatly respecting the rights of parents, prohibiting the mischief and vices such as killing children fearing poverty or supporting ignorance, usury, enjoining righteous deeds such as sincerity and other topics such as describing angels, their actions and tens and hundreds of other interrelated topics which are mentioned side by side in the Qur'an due to its unconnected structure.

Thus, the following ones are the principal topics in the Qur'an:

1-Mentioning historical events, battles, the Prophet's (s) immigration and as such
2-Stories of prophets (s) and other stories
3-Monotheism and inviting to faith and Islam
4-Prohibiting polytheism and hypocrisy
5-Knowing the hereafter (description of hereafter world and the life in the hereafter)
6-Knowing angels (including discussions about Satan, devils and jins)
7-Jurisprudential rulings
8-Moral rulings (including advice, enjoining the good and forbidding the evil)
9-Reminding the signs of God, wonders of nature and the self (which are similar to the argument of 10-order or Itqan Sun')
11-Mentioning previous religions, divine books and scriptures
12-The story of creation and creation of human being, psychological analysis of human being


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